New Rules for pet entry into Europe

At the end of December 2014, updated rules for pet entry into the EU went into effect.  While there have always been two sets of documents – one for pets, and one for commercial movements of pets for sale – the rules have changed.  Pets must now travel within 5 days of their owners, either before or after,  to qualify for the pet or non-commercial travel, and owners may have to provide proof of their travel arrangements.
If not within 5 days of the owners travel, then the move is considered commercial travel, with a different sets of documents.  The hardest part of this paperwork is that the final exams, and USDA endorsements must all be done within 48 hours of travel.  Parasite treatments, if required, must still be done in the 24 -130 hour range.  Professional pet shippers may handle this part for you, so friends or family don’t have to.
Airborne Animals can handle all the documents for you, or work with your veterinarian and USDA office to make sure your pet has the right paperwork to travel.

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