Airborne Animals Specializes in Pet Moves to Europe

The EU Commission established a set of pet importation guidelines in 2003.  It was supposed to make pet moves into the EU the same for every country.  It didn’t.  What happened is that every country put their own nuance into the regulations – and therefore some countries require parasite treatments, some don’t; some will accept imports on the weekends, some don’t; and only certain cities are considered ports of entry that have both customs and veterinary services available.
Each country has it’s own variation of the fees due upon arrival for veterinary inspections and customs or duty fees.   Some countries Airborne Animals must pay up front along with payment for the freight charges, and some countries the owner or agent must pay upon arrival.
Because we ship so many pets to Europe – Newark and NY have many flights there – we feel confident in saying we have become experts at this part of the world.  We have contacts in Europe everywhere that can assist a pet owner with the arrival process.  In general, we do not recommend doing it yourself unless you speak the local language, and have done it before.

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