Finding a [Reliable] Pet Shipper, not a shipping service

I recently found this blog on line from U Ship:
Recent Pet Transport Issues on uShip
Posted by Heather Hoover on July 22, 2015 at 7:06 pm pet shipping uShip
We’ve recently had a series of incredibly unfortunate pet transport issues on uShip. Everyone at uShip joins in concern for these pets and their owners. We are truly pet people. In fact, on any given day at our office, you’ll find a dozen dogs around desks and cubicles. So when it comes to issues like these, it really hits home. We know shipping a pet is particularly difficult, especially for dogs in the peak of summer. They make these journeys with unknown people to unknown places. They often stop eating. It’s stressful for them. Their health can be compromised, especially on long distance trips. All this said, there’s no excuse for how several of the transporters have handled these particular pet shipments. None. Clearly they’ve messed up in a colossal way, and they know it. Often times they go dark and don’t communicate because of the stress. And that’s not appropriate either. As for uShip, even though we’re a marketplace–not the actual transporter–we absolutely feel a sense of responsibility to do everything we can to right someone else’s wrong. We’re working very closely and helping each customer in a variety of ways, as well as with transporters, to get the facts and help in what are really emotional situations for people. There’s no question about it — we understand. As we get more facts, we are taking action with the transporters. Many of those involved in these issues have had terrific track records on uShip. In fact, a vast majority of pet shipments (all shipments, in fact) on uShip go well and are done by professional, caring people. But sometimes unfortunate things happen–that fraction of a percent that results in an issue. Not to say those should be dismissed; they just aren’t the norm. Please know we have zero tolerance for transporters who have acted irresponsibly. Until you know facts as well, we ask that you refrain from vilifying them. We’re doing everything we can to rectify these issues booked through our marketplace. We appreciate the outpouring of support for our shipping customers and their beloved pets. And we’ll keep you informed as we know more and are able. Heather Hoover Sr. Director, Customer Operations uShip, Inc.
A reliable and educated pet shipper could belong to our trade association IPATA (the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association).  The agents you get on U Ship are, most likely, not our members.
Basically U Ship is an on line market place that puts out low bids to get you in, and then they find an agent to match to the move.  For the most part, the pet move fees are way low – too low to even be realistic.  You cannot ship a cat or small dog for $200 anywhere across the USA – the airline cargo fees are higher than that, plus the crate, plus the vet office visit for a health certificate, plus someone to make the booking, cut the air waybill, and tender to the airline.
Per their own blog, things have not been going so well with some of the agents they hire for pet shipments.  To find a professional pet shipper, who does this for a living week in and week out, find an IPATA member, not a moving company who takes a low bid to get a job.

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