Should pets fly in the cabin with owners?

This article in USA Today touches on a sensitive subject…..when should pets be allowed in cabin, and who should be able to bring a pet on board?
While true service animals like those for people blind, or deaf, or for those with medical conditions should always be allowed, many people just get a medical note and call their pet a “service animal”,   This is a disservice to those pet owner who truly need their pet in order to function.  These service animals and the owners have gone through rigorous training, and have met certain standards for behavior and quality.
While shipping a pet certainly is costly.  Pet owners who don’t truly have a service animal need to understand the logic and pay the associated costs to ship their pet either as excess baggage or as a cargo shipment.And for many people who have allergies, fears or just plain don’t want a pet near them in cabin, their rights need to be respected as well from the average pet.
The airlines are afraid of any backlash from a pet owner with a “service animal” that is denied, and the time will come when they will request proof and credentials for a service animals.

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