Bird Transportation

Moving birds can be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and costly.  It’s something many pet shippers will not do, and some who try but may not do it very well.
Airborne Animals LLC has plenty of experience transporting birds out of the USA, as well as making all the arrangements for importing them – including all the permits and quarantine. Most airlines do not allow birds in cabin under the seat, or as excess baggage, so that leaves shipping them as an individual cargo shipment.
cockatiel 2
Within the USA – other than a health certificate and an appropriate travel kennel meeting IATA standards (must have a perch inside of the right size for the species of bird, and must have screening over the door and all vents), travel within the United States is fairly easy.
Importing and exporting from the USA:  There are several government agencies to deal with, licenses and permits from all, often quarantine as well as finding a veterinarian who will exam a bird for the health documents.  Airborne Animals LLC will help with all of this.  Even unprotected species, like a budgie or cockatiel, will still require import documents to be filed and US Fish and Wildlife inspections upon import or export.
Protected species have much more paperwork.  Some countries will require blood testing to be done.  Some countries don’t allow the import of birds at all.  Some will want quarantine or veterinary surveillance prior to shipment.
Blue macaw
Failure to comply to regulations may result in a family pet bird being impounded, seized or euthanized – it’s a reality in the bird transportation industry.  Planning may take months to execute the requirements.  It pays to hire a professional who can make sure all the requirements are met, the documents are correct and agents are in place on each end of the bird move. And ALWAYS keep copies of all the moving documents, in case the bird needs to be shipped again.  Often we must prove how and when a bird entered a country in order to get it out and back to the USA.
For a free estimate, visit the Airborne Animals LLC website and submit the estimate form.
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