Pets & COVID-19

Pets & COVID-19

First, pets are not infected by corona virus, or at least not the kind people get. Pets might possible be able to carry the virus on their fur, if sneezed upon.

Second, the biggest problem for us at Airborne Animals is the disruption of flights and the economy. If you are someplace in the world trying to get home, the number of flights is limited. Anywhere.

Third, as of today many airlines have stopped carrying pets altogether. No animals on British Airways, Lufthansa, Delta, Virgin, Qantas, or Cargolux (a cargo only carrier). United is cutting flights by about 50%, but they say that pets will continue to fly. Additionally, many countries have now closed their doors to anyone other than their own people returning home, as well as to pets.

So for the time being, the pet transportation is coming to standstill, just like the rest of the world. We will continue to answer emails but will likely to not actually move many pets until the COVID-19 restrictions start to lift. Movements within the USA 48 contiguous states maybe done by ground transport. Over the road driving will be as much if not more than flying pets.

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