How Has COVID affect Pet Moves? An update

How Has COVID affect Pet Moves? An update

Pet shipping has pretty much been on hold since home quarantines and cancelled airline flights started.

Very slowly a few things have opened up. American Airlines is allowing pets to fly within the USA on domestic flights, and has started making connections again for moves that require a transfer.

United Airlines has not resumed any pet shipping, and has given us no indication when pet travel might resume. Nor has Delta.

Internationally, British Airways is flying pets on a few flights form the US to London; they are allowing some connections for onward travel. Virgin has said they will not resume any pet travel the rest of this year.

Lufthansa and KLM will both be starting up with non-stop flights to their hubs, Frankfurt and Amsterdam respectively. They are not providing any transit services to connecting flights at this time.

It does mean some travel has started, but with very limited destinations. We can, for instance, send a pet to Amsterdam, have an agent there meet and clear the pet through customs into the EU and then book and send out on a second shipment to another destination (like Singapore for instance). In essence this means you are paying for two shipments, and the pet must meet the requirements for the EU as well as for Singapore. So unless travel is absolutely mandatory at this time, we advise waiting ab it longer to see what transits come back, rather than pay double the cost for two moves.

Travel into Canada is non-existent since borders are closed. Even driving across is considered non-essential travel, and pets are stopped at the borders.

Travel within Europe by driving has also been inhibited, as many countries closed their borders to control the corona virus. Do not plan to fly into a port and then drive, as you could be prevented from getting to your destination at this time.

We do not anticipate that pet travel will return to “normal” or pre-COVID 19 conditions anytime soon. Airlines are operating at minimal levels, and often plane sized have been downsized considerably, which prevents shipment of any large dogs.

Within the USA, you may be best off planning a cross country drive with your pets!

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