Pets in and out of Canada

We’ve been getting a lot of requests from pet owners and breeders about moving pets into Canada.

For now, it’s quite difficult. With the border closed to everything except essential travel, pets have not been crossing as non-commercial shipments. Airlines are not currently taking pets into Canada. And in fact, it’s easier right now to send a pet internationally to Europe and beyond, than to move a pet across the USA or into Canada.

Airborne Animals LLC cannot drive pets across the border either, or even meet a pet owner at the border and hand off a pet. Pets being rescued or sold into Canada may also need an import permit before shipment.

The only way I have heard of pets crossing is with a licensed commercial company who regularly crossed the border. Even this sometimes does not work.

Pet Pros Services, a member of our association IPATA, says they have been driving pets across the border,and they do have a commercial license to transit the border. They can be reached at 888 973 8748.

for departure form Canada, a licensed pet shipping company in Canada must make the arrangements; it cannot be done from the USA side. Find a list of agents at IPATA .

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